Common Roots | Community Land Trust in Meadville, PA

Our Journey

Common Roots History


Common Roots is all about meeting the needs of our community through cooperation. That’s why we are a member-based organization.


Common Roots raises $50,000 from community members to purchase 1889-91 South Main Street.


Common Roots’ volunteer construction team plans and begins massive renovation of 1189-91 South Main Street to create 4 one-bedroom apartments. Contracts architect, structural egineer, and sustainability expert.


Common Roots’ volunteer construction team continues with preliminary constriction, including the building of a double-decker back porch, interior beaming and reframing, structural/foundation work, and preparations for a highly energy-efficient utilities system.


Common Roots partners with Regional Housing Legal Services, a firm specializing in sustainable, affordable housing development. Undertakes planning process with stakeholders to transition from an all-volunteer to progessional housing organization. Construction continues.


Common Roots is awarded a $125,000 grant to complete 1189-91 South Main Street. Begins work on its second project, a duplex at 306 Poplar Street. Hires an executive director.


Common Roots awarded $300,000 from the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund for Poplar Street projects. Common Roots completes 1189-91 South Main Street and 306 Poplar Street, adding six units of quality, affordable housing to the South Main neighborhood. Scales operations in partnership with local housing organizations, adding additional properties to the portfolio.