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Erie News Now – Common Roots Offers Renting Cooperative in Meadville

August 13, 2023

Paul Davis is the first person to move into Common Roots’ energy-efficient apartment complex on South Main Street in Meadville.

“I really feel like it’s my place,” said Davis.  “I put a lot of sweat into it and I got it the way I like it.”

Davis is part of a renting cooperative, through the non-profit Common Roots.

While the organization owns the property, it leases the complex to Davis and other tenants.

The tenants are responsible for property maintenance and upkeep.

“Just as a homeowner, they are also taking care of the house and property,” said Common Roots Community Manager James Campbell.  “By doing that, they are mowing the lawn, shoveling sidewalks, taking care of the property so Comon Roots doesn’t have to take on that burden.”

In exchange for taking on those responsibilities, the tenants are able to build equity on their investment.

“We actually have an investment in this place,” said Davis.  “After five years, we can lay our hands on about $4,000.  In 10 years, it goes up to $10,000.”

By joining the renting cooperative, Davis says his rent is much cheaper than the typical landlord/renter agreement.

“For me, it’s a one-bedroom apartment and I pay about 450 a month, plus electric,” said Davis.  “It’s all brand new.”

The renting cooperative is providing the Crawford County Community with new housing options.

“If you’re thinking about a new option for housing, come and look at our model,” said Davis.  “It seems to be working.”

A celebration to recognize Common Roots’ first house will be held on August 19, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 1189-1191 South Main Street in Meadville.

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