Common Roots Celebrates the Completion of 1189-91 South Main Street and the Launch of its Renting Cooperative Program

August 25, 2023

Common Roots recently celebrated the completion of 1189-91 South Main Street. Check out these beautiful images captured by Bob Joint.


One of the highlights of the day was Ann Findlay (formerly Ann Musica). She was born in the house in 1933 and came to see the results of Common Roots’ rehabilitation effort. Ann shared her memories of growing up in the house. For her, the house was a place of connection and love, of routine and stability. The house was a home.

When people talk about affordable housing, they are usually talking about units that are affordable. They aren’t talking about the things that make a house a home. For Common Roots, affordable housing is not only about price. It’s about security. It’s about autonomy and freedom. It’s about having a stake in the place you live. These are precisely the things that residents of 1189-91 South Main will have as part of Common Roots’ Renting Cooperative program.

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