Common Roots creates permanently affordable housing that builds wealth and security for low-income residents in Meadville, Pennsylvania. We believe that all residents, regardless of income or identity, should be able to access, participate in, and benefit from sustainable, stable homes.

Common Roots is a member-based, non-profit organization. We work in partnership with housing services providers, workforce and community development agencies, and other stakeholders to develop a cooperative housing ecosystem that improves housing options, stabilizes neighborhoods, and builds community wealth and resilience.


Building Wealth through Cooperation: Common Roots is committed to building community wealth and resilience through cooperative development in the housing sector. We develop shared equity housing and provide education and support for cooperative enterprises around property maintenance, construction, weatherization, and land use.

Community Development: Common Roots combats community deterioration by developing, rehabilitating, and maintaining quality housing in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. 

Environmental Sustainability: Common Roots is committed to protecting the natural environment and promoting the ecologically sound use of land, resources, and materials for the long-term health, safety, and resilience of the community. 

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